Looking to host your party at Sunbury Oromocto Park and Campground? We've got you covered with our convenient event rental venues and delicious dessert packages in partnership with Lennon Cake Co.

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Choose one, or a combo of our event spaces to host your party or event.

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Want to leave the treats to us? We've partnered with a local cakery to offer delicious dessert add-ons.

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  • Gazebo

    A stunning 19'6" by 36'6" open-air structure. Includes a 10' long counter with a double bowl sink. Spacious layout and picturesque surroundings perfect for dances, receptions, showers, parties and more.

  • Field

    Our beautiful, large and open field comes with every booking! The heart of the campground, it is surrounded by our gorgeous natural landscape and is perfect for hosting all kinds of events.

  • Stage

    A dynamic 10' x 23' platform with two-step elevation. The ideal venue location to address crowds with confidence or perform to an audience. Situated at the top of the field - it definitely demands attention!


Renting Stage and Field or Gazebo and Field:

Duration: 2 hours

Guests: up to 20

Cost: $65 plus tax

Renting Gazebo, Field, and Stage:

Duration: 2 hours

Guests: up to 20

Cost: $95 plus tax

Additional Costs:

Extra Hour: $30 per hour

Additional Guests: $30 for each additional 10 guests

  • Tier 1

    24 cupcakes


    6” cake (feeds 12-16) 


  • Tier 2

    12 cakesickles

    12 cupcakes 

    6” cake (feeds 12-16)


  • Tier 3

    12 cakesicles 

    24  cupcakes 

    8” cake (feeds up to 20)


Contact us to book

Once you have your event options selected - go ahead and contact us by phone or email with your preferences, date, and time! We will get back to you quickly so you can start planning your epic event!

The owner of  Lennon Cake Co smiles as she presents a beautiful two tiered cake with flowers.

About lennon cake co.

Lennon Cake Co. is a custom cakery in Fredericton specializing in making, designing and serving modern, trendy and unique custom cakes and treats for all occasions.

Sunbury Oromocto Park & Campground has proudly partnered with this local business to offer you delicious and themed treats for your party!

If you purchase a dessert package add-on, the food will be delivered to the event space the morning of the event. Relax and let us handle everything – we've got you covered!